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Thousands of Oregon individuals, families and small businesses are getting ready to sign up for health insurance and may access financial help through Cover Oregon this fall. For many, the wait for health coverage has lasted months, or even years. Our goal is to not only to provide access to coverage, but also to make the customer experience as easy,

Explaining State Health Insurance Exchanges in Less Than 10 Minutes


Well, it’s finally happening. After years of drama on Capitol Hill, a Supreme Court case, a Presidential election, and a Mayan Apocalypse that could have stopped it dead in its tracks — but didn’t — the marquee elements of the Affordable Care Act, sometimes called ObamaCare, are about to kick in. And big changes are coming to health insurance in 2014.

Health Insurance Refunds by State

New rules created by the Affordable Care Act require health insurers to spend on average at least 80% of premiums on actual medical care instead of overhead and profits. Miss the mark and insurers have to refund customers.

Early data released by insurers helped us determine which insurance companies will owe rebates in your state. 

Health Reform FAQ #2

Here is a continuation of information about the Health Reform:
Questions you might want answers to:
Q: What if I make too much for Medicaid but still can’t afford coverage?

A: You might be eligible for government subsidies to help you pay for private insurance that would be sold in the new state-based insurance marketplaces,

Health Reform FAQ

The new health reform law is the most far-reaching health legislation since the creation of the Medicare and Medicaid programs.The following is a look at the impact of the law, which will extend insurance coverage to 32 million additional Americans by 2019, but which will also have an effect on almost every citizen.
Here are some commonly-asked questions about how you might be affected:

Q: I don’t have health insurance.

Penalties for Seniors Who Delay Filing for Medicare

Seniors just aging into the Medicare market, must know about the penalties they will pay if they do not sign up for Medicare Part B at the right time. For those seniors who have already filed for Social Security, they will automatically be enrolled in Medicare at age sixty-five. However, seniors who continue in the workforce,