Penalties for Seniors Who Delay Filing for Medicare

Seniors just aging into the Medicare market, must know about the penalties they will pay if they do not sign up for Medicare Part B at the right time. For those seniors who have already filed for Social Security, they will automatically be enrolled in Medicare at age sixty-five. However, seniors who continue in the workforce,

It’s Medicare Season!

Fall is Leaf-Peeping Season and Hunting Season. It’s also Medicare Season. Time to do that all-important check on your policies and make sure they are the right ones for next year. The Medicare Season is open from October 15 to December 7. After that date, you can’t make any changes until next year’s Medicare Season.

Medicare Plans Quick Overview

Medicare Plans Explained Simply

Assistance with health care has been a growing issue in the United States for years. Many individuals, especially seniors, find that they are unable to afford medical bills or insurance for coverage. This leaves them with some tough decisions. Too often, one must choose between good health and finances.